Tag: Prague Spring 2012

Thursday, June 7, 2012: The Perfect Line-Up (1)

The Perfect Line-Up: Sommer and Hurník Part 1 of 2 The two main protagonists making the perfect line-up for the Prague Spring concert Monday evening sat perched among the audience in rows 6 and 9 of the impressive Dvořák Hall. Until Mr Hurník and Mr Sommer walked onto the stage to receive their ovation, only the professional photographer and an attentive reader of the program matched them with their names….

Tuesday, April 10, 2012: Spring Blue

Spring Blue The color blue has taken over the streets of Prague. Leaping from billboards, jumping from the sides of trams, enveloping bus stops, the blue is announcing to pedestrians and passersby that Prague Spring is bound to arrive soon — at least the musical spring. Since 1946 the blue and the elegant violin f-hole logo designed by the painter and typographer František Muzika have symbolized the most significant and…