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Friday, November 11, 2011:Sages of the Stage

Sages of the Stage In popular music, it’s often said that a band who has reached a certain “expiry date” should retire from the stage. Pop music has little patience for the experience and wisdom of age, preferring instead the rebellion and idealism of youth. But here were three silver-to-white-haired musicians, the Guarneri Trio Prague, performing as part of the Prague Symphony Orchestra chamber music series at St. Simon and…

Friday, October 28, 2011:Dušičky Arrives

Dušičky Arrives With November the autumn gloom arrives in the Czech Republic in full force: fog-clad days, and candles flickering on top of graves. November 2 is Dušičky (All Souls’ Day), when many Czechs take seriously the centuries-old tradition of remembering loved ones who passed away. Melancholy inspired two of the three compositions that the Guarneri Trio Prague will perform at the St Simon and Jude church on November 1….