Czech Natl Ballet’s ‘Vertigo’


The Czech National Ballet premieres a trio of contemporary works, all under the title ‘Vertigo’

The Czech National Ballet is preparing a new production, this time borne in the spirit of contemporary dance.

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A mixed bill will present the essence of works by three distinguished and singular contemporary European dance-theatre creators: Moldova’s Radu Poklitaru, Italy’s Mauro Bigonzetti, and Sweden’s Alexander Ekman.

The three sharply contrasting poetics of the three artists and their opuses form a magical combination of lyricism, nostalgia, humour, and crazy absurdity.

1st premiere performance: 9 June 2016 at the New Stage (Nová Scéna)
2nd premiere performance: 10 June 2016 at the New Stage
Further performances: 12, 15, 22 June and 27 August 2016

Choreography: Radu Poklitaru
Music: Johann Sebastian Bach, Jacques Brel, folk songs

Choreography: Mauro Bigonzetti
Music: Dmitry Shostakovich

Choreography: Alexander Ekman
Music: Joseph Haydn, Ludwig van Beethoven, Franz Schubert, Andy Stein, Gustav Mahler

As representatives of three generations, the three artists depict three different worlds, which meet in Vertigo in time and space… . Read this complete article by clicking on the black “Re:Source” tab at the top of the page.

Photo Credits: Czech National Ballet

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