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Fashion that feels good, and lets even ballet dancers move without restrictions — the goals of Prague fashion designer Josefina Bakošová, working with the 420People dance company.

Partnering with local Czech designer Josefina Bakošová, the dance company 420People launches a collection of active wear, and not just for dancers.

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Josefina Bakošová for 420People

420People branches out beyond the movement of their bodies into the materials that cover them. The Czech dancers and designer launch a collection of active wear designed for dancers, also available to their audiences. We viewed the collection and sat down with Vaclav Kuneš, co-founder of 420People, to learn more about it.

1. Looks are Important, but Comfort is King
The collection is described as casual wear that feels good sitting at a desk, but that you could also dance in. As Vaclav Kuneš explains, “When you dress up, you know you are going to suffer a little bit – if the jacket is too tight or the shoes are too small – but you know you look good, and it’s only for a few hours. But in the studio, when you have six hours of rehearsal, you just want to feel good.”

t-shirt dress

The convertible t-shirt dress, converted.

t-shirt dress

The convertible t-shirt dress, and …

2. This Was a Collaboration of Creative Minds
How did 420People choose Josefina Bakošová as their designer? “She was listening,” Kuneš answers simply. The company knew they wanted a small, local Czech designer who wouldn’t ship production overseas. He also appreciates one similarity between her clothes and their company: the beauty of simplicity. “You start with a lot of stuff and you sort of trim it down to what’s really necessary. It’s not big evening dresses; it’s simple elegance,” he notes. “[In fashion and in dance] simplicity is what makes the work stand out.”

3. Materials matter
The company tested the material and movement of the clothes in rehearsals before finalizing the collection. “The most important thing was how it sits on your skin,” Kuneš explains. They need clothes that keep the dancers warm without causing them to sweat too much. They have to be tight enough to show the dancer’s silhouette, and able to stretch, but without being too tight. “It’s all about contradictions,” Kuneš admits with a laugh.

4. Remember the People Behind the Scenes
As 420People set out to create comfortable conditions for their dancers, they also paid attention to the conditions that create those clothes. The production process is entirely sweatshop-free and uses sustainable materials. “The cuts were designed with love in the very heart of Prague, and all the items are sewn in a tiny workshop in Central Bohemia where (adult) dressmakers enjoy the luxury of humane working conditions,” the website promises.

5. There is a Principal Piece
While the t-shirts can be considered the “corps de collection,” the star of the show is a convertible dress that can be worn long or short. This two-in-one style is a signature of many of Bakošová’s designs. “I’ve seen quite a few dance clothes around, and I’ve never seen one like this,” Kuneš gushes proudly.
dance wear

You can see this collection in person
at Josefina Bakošová’s Prague store, Harddecore, or online at her e-shop,
as well as at selected 420People performances.


– Auburn Scallon, Opus Osm writer

Photo Credits: Josefina Bakošová website

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