When 420People ‘Plug and Play’


Contemporary dance company 420People always bring fresh ideas and masterful movement to their performances.

Contemporary dance group 420People fused with vibrant, savage band Please The Trees One for a one-night-only performance called Plug and Play. What was it like?

The exciting, evening-long event celebrated 20 years of the unique international project ″4+4 Days in Motion.″

An impressive number of exceptional Czech and Slovak dance and theatre groups gathered on one stage at Divadlo Archa Oct 10 for this special occasion. Among others, VerteDance performed as feathered critters shadowed by the so-called ″tender art-brut″ band Zrní; the international theatre studio Farm in the Cave showed their naturalistic, partially-blinded, rough ballet. Dancer and choreographer Lenka Vágnerová tussled with a howling werewolf; and internationally distinguished dancer Miřenka Čechová hid in an obscure and surrealistic sexual vision pulsating with African rhythms.

A Fine Fusion
The best moments from the original one-hour performances of 420People melded with live music by Please The Trees, made for fans that enjoy a fusion of styles and genres. As Václav Havelka, singer and guitar player told Opus Osm, “We tuned our three new songs – A Song Is Its Own World, Missing Feeling Nothing, and S.E.K.,and one older one, Red Sky, to the choreography’s flow and dynamics.“

The effect was of psychedelic waves tossing the dancers on the dance floor.

First a group with one leading dancer circled on the stage and followed his rhythm as in a ritual dance. Then only two dancers, Nataša Novotná and Štěpán Pechar, stayed abandoned and twisting in their sensations. When they left, a lonely ripped-up rocker, Milan Odstrčil, dove into a punk rock tune and made a Mohican with his fingers on his head.


The dancers in 420People combine dance, movement, theatre, and demanding physical action in their characteristic pieces, here with musicians Please the Trees.

All the dancers returned, fluttering in to a purring guitar noise. But one dancer got away from their collective trance and followed her own emotions – Nataša Novotná. The darkening tribal effect shimmered with some inexpressible fear, followed by physical poet Petr Váša sweeping away any possible gloom.

Let´s hope that the international audience also will have a chance to enjoy this pristine and passionate presentation of movement soon – “Hopefully during Tanzmesse 2016 in Düsseldorf,“ hinted 420′s public relations director Bára Čermáková.


From dark to light, the dancers portray a range of emotions and create a unique atmosphere in ‘Plug and Play.’

Witty Play-by-Play
The whole birthday festivity was picaresquely interwoven with irresistible sportslike comments on each act by two members of the Vosto5 theatre company. This was no accident, as an international football match between the Czech Republic and Turkey was taking place at the same time about one kilometre away.

4+4 Days in Motion is a rare phenomenon among festivals in the Czech Republic, exploring dance, movement, and theatre, but also visual and kinetic art in non-traditional, abandoned spaces in Prague. Locations have included factories, hockey stadiums, museums, the former Federal Assembly, zoo, parks, and brick works.

Together with the artists they tailor the space for their previous performances or build up new site-specific projects. The 21st festival next year will for sure also bring in some vivid performances in a surprising environment.

–Hana Blažková, Opus Osm writer

Photo Credits: 420People

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