Opus Osm Minutka: Berg’s Nuberg Sampler

Opus Osm

Anton Zhdanovich on a slightly more traditional percussion instrument, at an earlier Berg Orchestra concert.

The Berg Orchestra observes its 20th anniversary this year, and also continues with its Nuberg Awards supporting young composers of contemporary music. Watch a sampling of it here.





Opus Osm’s ‘Little Minute’ (Minutka) Series: The Berg Orchestra’s Nuberg Winners

5 Fast Facts about The Berg Orchestra’s Nuberg Winners 2014

1 Watch this slideshow (below) featuring music clips and photos from the Nuberg Awards concert Mar 9, 2015 at St Agnes Convent, Prague

2 The Nuberg Awards recognize the most successful works premiered by The Berg Orchestra. Music professionals and the public vote separately on their choices during January and February

3 The Berg Orchestra concerts present 20th-century and contemporary music, usually combined with theatre, film, pantomime, or video presentations. Their live music accompanying early silent films is especially popular.

4 The Berg Orchestra was founded by artistic director / conductor Peter Vrabel in 1995.

5 Most concerts take place in unusual locations (for a concert) and usually include a guided tour of the facility or neighborhood before the concert.

If the slideshow loads or advances slowly … please be patient!

Read more about The Berg Orchestra; about one of their most unusual locations for a concert; and about their silent film series. You can also listen to the complete Nuberg compositions on The Berg’s website.

— Hana Blažková, Opus Osm writer

Photo Credits: See slideshow for photo credits.

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