Moving Cities Prague, Dance in the City Streets

Dancers from Prague dance companies including the Czech National Ballet feature in 'Moving Cities: Prague' series of short films shot in city streets.

Dancers from Prague dance companies including the Czech National Ballet feature in ‘Moving Cities Prague,’ one in a series of short films shot in city streets.

The Prague metro, tram stops, and city streets provide a gritty stage for the latest addition to a package of dance films set in major world cities.

You may recognize well-known performers from the Czech National Ballet, 420People, VerteDance and more in Moving Cities Prague.

It’s the fifth in a series of short films that “capture international dancers in real settings.” Previous film locations include Paris, London, Brussels, and Yerevan (Armenia), with Athens coming soon.

On Jan 31, rehearsal space at Studio Stage in Vinohrady became an impromptu cinema for a premiere celebration featuring each of the films and live dance. Casually dressed dancers sprawled across the floor, leaned against the mirrors, and gathered around two rows of folding chairs. The crowd was familiar and supportive, greeting each other with excited smiles and kisses on cheeks.

The lights dimmed for the screening of the first film, Moving Cities Paris, which was followed by a live popping and locking demonstration from a dynamic duo of Moving Cities Prague performers, Mic Czech and Honza Pentifull. Their gravity-defying flips, sly smiles, and significant height difference charmed the audience and set a tone of fun, collaboration, and celebration.

The evening continued with Prague dancers moving from audience to center stage in between screenings of each city’s film, showing off styles such as improv, contemporary, and break dancing. Angeé Svobodová led a small group of female dancers in what she called an “MTV-style” routine full of energy and swagger. Veronika Knytlová and Tereza Ondrová, dressed simply in jeans and sweaters, giggled their way through a modern number, sustaining the weight of each other’s bodies in different positions.
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Finally, before Moving Cities Prague was unveiled, guests were treated to a short video message from director Jevan Chowdhury in England. He apologized for being unable to attend the event, but praised the talent of the performers. He even called Prague his favorite city to work with and expressed a desire to work with each of the dancers again in the future.

Then the lights dimmed one last time for the five-minute film the audience had all been waiting for.

— Auburn Scallon, Opus Osm writer

Photo Credits: Photos and video: Moving Cities

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