Just in Time for Christmas

Prague is already lit up like, well, a Christmas tree. We're ready for the holidays -- are you? If not, relax, and take a look at our simple suggestions for great holiday gifts.

Prague is already lit up like, well, a Christmas tree. We’re ready for the holidays — are you? If not, relax, and take a look at our simple suggestions for great holiday gifts.

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift? Opus Osm has several tips for gifts that will please, and at the same time support classical Czech arts and artists.

It’s never too early – nor too late – to select a special gift for the holiday season. And these days, online shopping makes that annual shopping event even easier.

More Czech venues are becoming skilled at operating up-to-date websites, and many have ventured into including eshops on their sites. The National Theatre even has a small Christmas booth at the Chodov shopping mall, open every day from 9 am to 9 pm, where you can buy gift subscriptions, gift vouchers, and tickets to events on all National Theatre stages.

CHRISTMAS TIP! Win 2 free tickets to the Czech Philharmonic’s cinema broadcast of JJ Ryba’s Czech classic Christmas Mass broadcast at 2:45 pm Dec 20, Kino Světozor. Email editor@opusosm.com by Fri, Dec 12.(Your email is never shared!)

Here are a few more classical suggestions that can please both you and the person who receives your special gift, as you both simultaneously help support Czech classical music, opera or ballet. And don’t overlook giving yourself a little present with something from the choices below.


Mozart in Prague
Opus Osm Freeman MozinPrg Cx mmThis 334-page paperback book bridges the gap between music history and Mozart’s popularity, so it’s the perfect read for people wanting to know more about the technical side of Mozart’s music. Discover the truth about some favorite Mozart-and-Prague myths, and even retrace his footsteps through the legendary city.
Mozart in Prague is available on the Opus Osm online shop.
OpusOsm PlayHurt cvr 150v mmPlaying (Less) Hurt
“Practice!” is the mantra for all musicians. Yet, too much muscle strain without proper relief can lead to debilitating temporary or even permanent injury. Playing (Less) Hurt contains 236 pages of practical information, lists of risk factors and danger signals, and cartoon illustrations show stretching and warm-up exercises. An important book for all musicians, and the people who care about them. Playing (Less) Hurt is available online from publisher Hal Leonard, and will be on the Opus Osm online shop in the near future.

Online Services

Through our “Education Partners” Opus Osm connects our readers with quality education organizations which offer at least part of their services for free. Here are two to consider for holiday gift-giving:

Theta Music Trainer
Theta Music Trainer
Practice and master skills such as note reading, identifying tones, and many more essential skills for musicians and singers. And most of all, these online games are fun! (We play them just to take a break from work!) You can access Theta Music Trainer at any time by clicking on their logo here or on the Opus Osm Home page, or by going to www.trainer.thetamusic.com

Stars & Catz
Stars and Catz Teacher/Student Linkup
This online service links teachers and students for live, in-person lessons. Thanks to Stars and Catz’ graduated system, where both teacher and student get to try each other out before committing to lessons, both parties have a better chance of finding the perfect student/teacher match for more enjoyable, rewarding music lessons. Access Stars and Catz on their logo here or on the Opus Osm Home page, or find them at www.starsandcatz.co.uk (UK); www.starsandcatz.com.au (Australia); www.starsandcatz.com (US); or www.starsandcatz.net (Canada).

opus osm logo  web 14 03 011 110Opus Osm
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Tickets to Performances

Opus Osm tix illusOne of the best gifts you can give is a ticket to your favorite performers or venue. And it doesn’t have to be expensive; many ensembles or venues offer discounts on tickets for students, retired folks, or special series (or just a part of them). Check the websites for more details, and don’t overlook their online shops. Some offer posters, books, CDs or DVDs, and other great gift materials. – oo

Photo Credits: Top: City of Prague

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