The Bogus Oboe

Gonzalo Ruiz explains the mystery behind The Bogus Oboe

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What is it about oboe players and their obsession with reeds? Just ahead of the 2nd Jarmila Novotná Festival, Gonazalo X. Ruiz explains.

Mr Ruiz performs as principal oboist and concerto soloist for leading period-instrument groups in the US, and performs widely in Europe. He’s considered an expert in historical reed-making techniques. And he’s bringing his oboe back to the Czech Republic for concerts Sept 6-8 at the 2nd annual Jamila Novotná Festival in Liteň.

So he should know a thing or two about oboists and their reeds. In an interview during the Novotná festival last year, he introduced Opus Osm to The Bogus Oboe.

So what exactly is The Bogus Oboe? Test your knowledge: is it –

a) a collection of exercises for the Baroque oboe, by the French oboe composer François Bogus (1642- 1701);
b) a rare, early oboe by famed Italian oboe maker Guiseppe Bogus (c. 1590);
c) a comment by two teenagers looking at an oboe in a museum exhibit.

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