FOK: But the Music Rolls On

High waters haven't stopped most classical events in Prague.

With the backdrop of rising river waters and deferred or canceled events, it’s important to know that there are still things proceeding on a normal schedule.

The major concert halls of Prague have not been inundated, and classical music proceeds apace. This is something of a tragedy, because it means that FOK’s final performance of the season is still going to happen soon – on June 26 and 27.

The season is slated to end with a bang, however, with pieces that will leave you humming until the orchestra returns.

First, we have Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, which as surveys say is the most powerful and infectious music ever written or performed and probably does not need further introduction.

But they also promise Arvo Pärt’s Concerto Piccolo over B-A-C-H, for Trumpet, Harpsichord, Piano, and String Orchestra. Mr Pärt is an Estonian minimalist, whose works are probably easier to hear and feel than to name.

Opus Osm

Arvo Part

Arvo Pärt fled Soviet-occupied Estonia in the early eighties and has been making a name for himself in modern classical music ever since. As part of the Spiritual Minimalism movement, he has taken elements from classical church music and brought them forward into music that is as punchy and evocative as anything written – without relying on gimmicks or shock value.

So by all means, grab a ticket before the season ends. Because this is one performance that is not going to wait for the rivers to subside. — oo

– Frank Trollman

Photo Credits: Top: Frank Trollman

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