The ‘Expanding’ Ceiling

The ‘Expanding’ Ceiling

Can you identify this ceiling, perched over an expanding arts program?

Here’s a ceiling that may present a real challenge to you. Can you identify it? It hovers over space that is continually expanding in terms of its purpose and audiences.

If you like to attend dance and movement performances, you might have seen it before.

The ceiling and its building started out as being just rehearsal space; then it expanded into a small theatre. Today the group that operates it, called Alt@rt, has grown their work into collaboration with groups or individuals for their projects.

Now, not just plays, but festivals, seminars, movement workshops, and concerts are held here, and the group offers its co-production services for various theatre and dance projects.

Recently, this was the venue for a concert by student composer Ian Mikyska and his guests.

The ceiling is in former industrial space in Holešovice, and is identified as – have you guessed it? — Studio Alta, Hall 30. — oo

Photo Credits: Miroslav Setnička

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