Looking Up, Looking Down

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Either way, looking up or looking down, the view of this ceiling is amazing.

Looking Up, Looking Down

This ceiling is as thrilling if you look at it from the bottom up as from the top down.

Opus Osm regularly brings you a little quiz challenging you to identify the ceiling of venues where performances take place. (If you can’t identify the ceilings, it probably means you haven’t been getting out enough lately – at least for live performances of Czech classical music, opera, or ballet.)

Usually, the ceilings in our quiz are intriguing, odd, amazing, or beautiful as seen from the floor, looking up. The ceiling in this quiz, however, is perched just over some balconies and galleries, allowing you to also get very close to the top and look down. The view is dizzying.

Just in case you can’t identify the location of this ceiling yet, here are some additional clues to help you:

1 The building, built in Gothic style, was constructed from 1578 to 1601. A few years later, Baroque elements were also added.

2 Three high aisles, a fresco-festooned dome, and porticos containing sandstone sculptures of saints contribute to this church’s “awe” factor.

3 It was built as part of a Jesuit college, and today is an academic parish (the first in the Czech Republic), serving largely a community of students and academics.

4 The church offers three interesting “doubles” facts. Firstly, in the crypt far below the ceiling, Father Koniáš, the so-called “destroyer of Czech books” rests in peace along with Bohuslav Balbín, the so-called “defender of the Czech language.”

5 Secondly, not one but two beautiful, restored organs are situated below this church’s ceiling.

6 Thirdly, there are two churches in Prague with this same name. The ceiling you see in the photo belongs to the church that is part of the Klementinum.

7 You can find this ceiling at one end of the Charles Bridge.

Do you have the answer? It’s St Salvator Church. — oo

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