Monday, June 18, 2012: We’re on Vacation!

We’re on Vacation!

Opus Osm is on summer vacation from June 18-July 1. But check back here for upcoming performances on our Clickable Events Calendar, the list of birthdays, and low-cost concerts.

And don’t forget, you can read any of the previous articles you’ve missed; simply click on Archive at the top right of the page.

So don’t forget to look for the new Opus Osm coverage resuming Monday, July 2.

But be prepared for some changes and surprises.

Now that Opus Osm will soon complete its second year of publication, we’re ready to expand in additional directions.

We’d like to shift our focus from strictly publishing, to adding some social meetings. Note: that’s social meetings, not social media. We believe that people need more opportunities to meet face-to-face, with old friends and new, and classical performances provide a great place to do that.

So during the summer we’ll be exploring ways to bring more of our readers into the family of regular audiences at performances of Czech classical music, opera, and ballet. We’ll also be researching ways to help support education and training, and a few other ideas we’d like to try.

As always, we welcome your comments, suggestions, and feedback. And most of all, your support.

Enjoy the rest of June, and we’ll meet you back here on Monday, July 2. — oo

– Mary Matz, editor

Photo Credits: Top: BigFoto

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