Wednesday, May 30, 2012: A Palette of Movement

Opus Osm

420People dance with industrial pallets, and make it all look easy, in 'Wind-Up'

420People Mix a Colorful Palette of Moves

The dance company 420People premiered one of their newest works, Wind-Up, at the Archa Theatre May 13-14. Fortunately, they will reprise the show June 23-24 at the same venue, so in case you missed it in May, you can catch it in June.

Or see it again for the second time.

The choreography by co-founder and artistic director Václav Kuneš is a gorgeous mixture of contemporary dance, a little bit balletic, with some acting, pantomime, humor, judo-like moves, and more. Mr Kuneš has clearly been influenced, in the positive way, by his “grandfather” mentor, Jiří Kylián. Both men, along with 420People co-founder Nataša Novotná, are alumnae of The Nederlands Dans Theater.

Opus Osm

Zuzana Herényiová in 'Wind-Up'

For the May performance, Mrs Novotná and Mr Kuneš also performed 14’20” — Duet from 27’52”, the original dance by Mr Kylián.

Wind-Up is danced around, behind, on top of, or with heavy, rough-wood industrial pallets which make not only props and scenery for the piece, but extra characters. And Mr Kuneš is right: As he told Opus Osm in our earlier interview (May 8), they do make a very satisfying sound when they fall.

Other aural pleasures are provided by a ticking clock, alarm clock bells, and a Bach-inspired contemporary music score by Amos Ben-Tal. And when someone’s mobile telephone unexpectedly began to add to the score, the dancers swiftly and smoothly incorporated it into part of the dance, too.

For us, watching Wind-Up was one of those really frustrating experiences in the theatre, because there’s so much going on, you just want to stop the action, re-wind, and look at it all again. But you can’t.

Fortunately, Opus Osm managed to snag a little bit of video from the May 13 performance. Here it is, so you can see for yourself what we mean.

Wind-Up will be repeated at 8 pm June 23-24 at Divadlo Archa, this time with the companion piece Encounters – Piece D’Occasion by Japanese choreographer Saburo Teshigawara. Further, you can see The Nederlands Dans Theater perform Move to Move, which will be broadcast live at 7:30 pm this Thursday, May 31 at the Bio Oko. It’s part of the Aero “Ballet in the Cinema” series of live dance broadcasts to Prague movie theatres. — oo

– Mary Matz

Photo Credits: Miroslav Setnička

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