Monday, May 21, 2012: Men in Uniform

Opus Osm Men in Uniform

Whether you're drawn to men in uniforms, or classic band music, the concert May 27 is sure to be memorable.

Men in Uniform to Perform at Prague Spring

Why do women fall so easily for men in uniform? Some people say it is because they project confidence and strength, representing achievement and service to others. But let’s face it: clean, crisp uniforms flatter men.

Now combine men in uniform with music, and it’s bound to be magnetic.

And exactly that is going to happen on May 27 when the Castle Guard and Czech Police Band play at Wallenstein Gardens as part of the Prague Spring Festival.

The Castle Guard and Czech Police Band is a large orchestra that has been representing Czech musical culture at home and abroad for over 60 years now. They are in high demand and provide musical accompaniment to state ceremonies at Prague Castle.

Their prestige and professionalism is also demonstrated by the fact that they have recorded over 20 CDs. In addition, they are regular participants in the Prague Spring Festival and have a busy concert schedule, playing up to eight concerts a month during the peak summer season.

Under the direction of Václav Blahunek, they will play a tribute to František Kmoch (1848-1912), a very popular Czech composer and conductor of marches and folk music. A week later, they will perform this same concert at the City Hall in Vienna.

František Kmoch was a nationalist during the period of the Austro-Hungarian Empire who remained faithful to the city Kolín in spite of his success and travels to other countries. The marches that František Kmoch composed played an important part in the development of the Czech national consciousness.

In his honor, the city of Kolín holds an annual music festival, erected his bust on an island named after him, and the city’s wind orchestra still bears his name.

The uniforms have definitely changed since the times of František Kmoch and the Czech lands no longer face oppression by the Austro-Hungarian Empire, but issues of cultural identity amidst a Europe in turmoil remain relevant even today. So why not come and relive this bit of cultural heritage with a few good looking men in uniform – the concert is free!

The Prague Spring Festival’s Tribute to František Kmoch, 3 pm May 27, Wallenstein Gardens.
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— Hana and Frank Trollman

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