Friday, May 11, 2012: Music at Museum Night

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Blue striped information tents at last year's Museum Night provided schedules, routes, and information. Look for them again this year.

Music at Museum Night

At the ninth annual Prague Museum Night Saturday, June 9, you can visit 70 museums and institutions for free. And many of them offer free concerts or exhibitions related to classical music (see listings, below).

The event is only for that one night, from 7 pm to 1 am. But free shuttle buses, starting from Jan Palach Square on the river, will make it easier for you to efficiently hop from place to place, operating from 7:30 pm Saturday until 1:15 the next morning. You can pick up a brochure mapping out the routes and museums the day before and the day of the event.

It’s probably a good strategy to plan your attack wisely, because the event usually attracts about 100,000 visitors, according to its organizers – the National Museum, the Prague Public Transport Company, and the Czech Association of Museums and Galleries, in cooperation with other institutions. Prague Museum Night is co-funded by the Czech Ministry of Culture and Prague municipal authorities.

New participants this year include the AMoYa Gallery, the Prague Botanical Garden, the House of National Minorities, and the Meet Factory, an international contemporary art center. In addition to concerts, you can look forward to lectures, film screenings, competitions, and other interesting events, including several programs for children.

Just to prove that museums aren’t tired, dusty old boxes of dried-up artifacts, the organizers are sending out the details of their big night via electronic communication – and well in advance of the event. Details are already available in both Czech and English on their website, On your Smartphone, the mobile phone version is at or through the QR codes on printed Prague Museum Night promotional materials.

Here’s an early sampling of some of the classical concerts and events:

Concert: The Prague Conservatoire, A. Bartoňová, L. Rýznarová.
At the Antonín Dvořák Museum, 11 pm – midnight

Concert: Czech Philharmonic Chamber Soloists
At The Rudolfinum, 7 pm – midnight

Concert: Contemporary Czech Music
The Chamber Orchestra of the Dvořák Region, performing work by Eduard Douša;Václav Mazáček, conducting.
At the Czech Museum of Music, 8:30 – 8:45 pm
Concert: East Wind
Smetana, Dvořák, and Tchaikovsky, played by the Flute Ensemble, Trani, Italy.
At the Czech Museum of Music, 7:30 – 8:00 pm

Concert: J. Haydn – The Creation
Czech and German choirs and orchestras.
At Prague Hlahol, 7 – 8:30 pm

Exhibition: Bedřich Smetana

Explore the current exhibition.
At the Smetana Museum, starting at 7 pm, except during programs, until 1 am.

Concert: The Moldau Like You Don’t Know It
Smetana’s masterpiece played by PiKap Quartet and piano.
At the Bedřich Smetana Museum, 8 – 9 pm.

Recital: Pianist R. Skleničková
Alternating with accordionist M. Orsag.
At The Museum of Czech Literature – The Hvězda Summer Pavilion, 7 pm – midnight

Presentation: The Mysterious Story of The Czech Museum of Music
In the past it was a church, a post office, a police station. Find out about the history of this intriguing building.
At the Czech Museum of Music, 7 pm – 1 am.

Concert: Musica Dolce Vita
A trio featuring harp, flute, and vocals.
At the Bedřich Smetana Museum, 10:30 – 11 pm.

Concert: Prague Cello Project
Short music performances by HAMU students.
At the Gallery of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, 7 – 8 pm; 9 – 10 pm; and 11 pm-midnight.

Concert: The Band of the Castle Guards and Police of the Czech Republic
At The Czech Police Museum, 7 – 9 pm. — oo

Photo Credits: Prague Museum Night website

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