Thursday, May 3, 2012: Save Time & Money

Opus Osm‘No Time, No Money’? Here’s a Solution

Occasionally we ask folks why they don’t go to classical music concerts, ballet, or opera. For a lot of them, the reason is simple: “No time, no money.”

However. Having lived a long life, we’ve observed that there is always time and money … for the things you really want. Everything else comes in second, and then “no time, no money” becomes the convenient explanation for it.

Opus Osm thinks it’s rather sad that this is keeping so many people from discovering the pleasure and joy of the classical arts. To eliminate one of the reasons (no money), we regularly list all the Prague classical events we can find that are offered for the admission price of 200 kč or less – about the price of a movie ticket these days.

You can find this list in the far right column on every Opus Osm page except our Home page, every day. And many of these events are for even less — 100 kč, a donation, or even free.

As for the no-time reason, several venues offer performances on Saturday afternoons (National Theatre Ballet), Sunday afternoons (Aero cinema ballet, Prague Symphony Orchestra [FOK]), 1 or 5:30 pm on weekdays (Czech Philharmonic), late-morning public rehearsals (Czech Radio Symphony Orchestra, Prague Symphony Orchestra (FOK), Czech Philharmonic), and many others. So you don’t have to dread dressing up, finding a babysitter, or getting home too late.

Commit Yourself

But one of the best ways to save both time and money on classical performances is to buy a season or subscription ticket, called abonmá or abonentních, or předplatné, but unfortunately not always translated into English.

With a subscription ticket you can choose just the performances you want, mark your calendar well in advance, zoom straight to the venue – and at a reduced price. At some venues a single ticket is transferable or refundable in case you can’t attend a specific performance.

Take a look at the representative subscription information below, from just four venues, and then pick one and make a commitment. It’s a small but very important way to ensure the financial health of the classical arts – and save a little time and money yourself, too.

Venue: The Berg Orchestra (various locations)
2012-13 Subscription Sales Start: March 2012
Value: Single subscriber – a ticket to 8 concerts for the price of 7; Double subscriber (2 people) – tickets to 8 concerts for the price of 6. Ticket refunds (maximum 2/season): 50% refund. Other deals and benefits available.
Information on website in English? Yes;

Venue: The Czech Philharmonic (usually at The Rudolfinum)
2012-13 Subscription Sales Start: April 10, 2012
Value: 20% discount on concerts by the Czech Philharmonic; 20% discount on concerts by the Czech Chamber Music Society. Tickets are transferable. Members also can take part in the Bonus Program (described in Czech only). Gift certificates available.
Information on website in English? Mostly;

Venue: The National Theatre (Theatre of the Estates, The New Stage, The National Theatre, The State Opera)
2012-13 Subscription Sales Start: May 31, 2012
Value: Reduced prices according to seating and type: Opera in the evening, ballet in the evening, opera and ballet at the State Opera, mixed performances in the afternoon, etc. Other deals and benefits available.
Information on website in English? Partly;

Venue: The Prague Symphony Orchestra (FOK) (usually at The Municipal House)
2012-13 Subscription Sales Start: April 10, 2012; Individual tickets and ‘Ad Libitum’ series: May 2, 2012
Value: Subscriptions offered in all 10 concert categories (A/B, C/D, Sunday Family, World Piano, etc., and a new category, Music and Theatre) at a 30-to-50% discount. The ‘Ad Libitum’ series offers a 20% discount on 4 concerts. The Family Ticket is the same price as for 2 adults, but also includes up to three children under age 16. All new subscribers also receive a free FOK CD and a 3-month season ticket to the Prague Botanical Garden. Gift certificates also available. Other deals and benefits available.
Information on website in English? Mostly; — oo

– Mary Matz

Photo Credits: BigFoto

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