Friday, April 20, 2012: Reporting from the Metro …

Opus Osm

A hardy, committed audience listens to live music at the Malostranská metro station Wed, Apr 18.

This is the beginning of our article on the day-long free concerts Apr 18 at 14 different metro stations in Prague. You can read the entire article by clicking the black tab “Magazine” at the top of this page.

Reporting from the Metro: Not-Quite Underground Music

Despite some hazards, listeners declare the first-ever music in the metro day a success.

“It’s wonderful. It doesn’t happen so much,” Radek smiles. He’s leaning over the steel railing above the Budějovicka metro station, watching the guitar quartet performing below. He’s joined a small crowd that has stopped for a moment to listen to the music students from the Jaroslav Ježek conservatory perform on this chilly, bright Apr 18 morning.

“These people will be late for work, but you see most people are smiling,” Radek observes. A young guitar player himself, he too is lingering before heading off for his day job. “But it’s perfect,” he says. “It’s a good start for the day.”

The guitar quartet – Klára Vytisková, Barbora Priester, Lucie Kolmanová, and Mirek Fiedler – shift easily from classical music into light jazz as more commuters walk by briskly but listen with one ear, or stop for a moment to look and listen.

The first-ever music in the metro project is sponsored by the Prague public transport company (Dopravní Podník Hlavního Města Prahy), and the Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory and College (Konzervatoř a Vyšší Odborná Škola). The school was founded in 1958 to offer an alternative to classical academies, and offers a six-year undergraduate diploma in classical, jazz, voice, and commercial music.

“It’s good publicity for our school — and for the Prague government,” explains Jiří Kulišev, deputy of the school’s headmaster. For its part, the metro website explains, people should think of the underground transport system as a way to get to leisure activities, not just to work.

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Photo Credits: Miroslav Setnička

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