Friday, April 13, 2012: Music in the Metro

Opus Osm

Although most concerts are concentrated in the center, the 'burbs haven't been left out of the free concerts.

Music in the Metro

Sleepy-eyed commuters – tired either before or after a long day of work next Wednesday – can freshen up in several metro stations. That’s thanks to a day-long program Apr 18 of live music offered by Prague’s metro transportation system and students from the Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory of Music.

Starting at 6 am, 16 music groups performing in 13 different genres will head to 22 metro stations to offer passersby free music, according to Dopravní Podník Hlavního Města Prahy, the Prague Public Transport Co.

Aside from those impressive statistics, spokespersons for the Metro explain that the purpose of music in the metro is to show that the transportation system is good not only for going to work, but also the way to get to enjoyable leisure time activities.

Opus Osm

The key to tuning into the metro performances on your way throughout the city.

The music starts with a Latin sound provided by the Guitar Duo at 6 am at the Rajská Zahrada “Yellow-B” station. If you fancy a day racing from station to station (and perhaps testing the efficiency of the travel and transfer system), you can hear live music every hour on the hour Wednesday until the final concert concludes shortly after 10 pm.

You might find it challenging, however, to be in two or three stations simultaneously; multiple concerts will be offered at 10 am, and 2 and 6 pm. A schedule can be found on large placards in the metro stations.

Although jazz, swing, bebop, pop jazz, rock, and the aforementioned early-morning Latin will be performed, classical lovers will also be on track. The Guitar Quartet (Klára Vytisková, Miroslav Fiedler, Barbora Priester, and Lucie Kolmanová) will offer classical music at 9 am at the Budějovická metro on the “Red-C” line. Then at noon, the Guitar Duo (Miss Vytisková and Mr Fiedler) will perform Baroque and Renaissance music at the Malostranská metro station on the “Green-A” line. It should be a colorful day of music, indeed.

The Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory was founded in 1958 to provide students an alternative faculty, for learning jazz and commercial music. It was named in honor of Mr Ježek (1906-1942), a Prague Conservatory graduate who composed and conducted jazz, contemporary classical, and film music. Today the Ježek Conservatory continues with this training, offering a six-year undergraduate diploma in classical music, composition, conducting, and instruction on all orchestral instruments plus guitar and voice. — oo

– Mary Matz

Photo Credits: Dopravní Podník Hlavního Města Prahy

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