Monday, April 9, 2012: Music Wherever, Whatever

Opus OsmTechnology Brings You Music – Wherever, Whatever

Tchaikovsky, Mozart, Bach: These are all composers we easily recognize. But what about Chaloupka? Goebbels? Schnittke? The Berg Orchestra is showcasing these contemporary composers and is making its own performance more accessible than ever, thanks to technology.

The orchestra’s website regularly offers listeners with internet access the chance to click and listen to excerpts or even full compositions. But now “The Berg” is also making sure that the wired audience used to accessing the Prague website isn’t the only one listening: Its latest performance was broadcast live on radio in Denmark, Croatia, Germany, Poland, and Spain, as well as throughout the Czech Republic.

Moreover, a live video stream of the performance was just a click away, on Czech Radio’s website.

What exactly is a live stream? Unlike a video on, say, YouTube, where the content is created and later uploaded onto the internet, the video stream is in real time. So you have to tune in when the concert begins, because the video will be gone when the concert ends. (Think early television before there were re-runs.)

For an audience which traditionally has to dress, drive, and then dive into an assigned seat in a concert hall, video streaming may be a new concept. But it’s becoming more popular, and The Berg is at the head of the trend to bring the excitement of the live concert into your own living space, wherever and whatever that happens to be.

The Berg Orchestra focuses on 20th century and contemporary music and frequently commissions new pieces from young, often Czech composers. The orchestra also is constantly working to combine its music with technological innovations, other types of art, and interesting performance locations.

For example, the audience at the upcoming performance tomorrow (Tues, Apr 10) gets a free tour of local gems of industrial architecture just before the concert at the Dox arts center in Holešovice. You can read more about this concert featuring the aforementioned Chaloupka, Goebbels, and Schnittke in the Opus Osm article on our Home page, published last Tues, Apr 3.

Music wherever, whatever? We think Tchaikovsky, Mozart, and Bach would approve. — oo

– Anna Walsh

Photo Credits: Bigfoto

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