Tuesday, April 3, 2012: Colorful 10

Opus Osm FChaloupka

František Chaloupka is a young Czech composer; his latest work premieres next Monday with the Berg Orchestra.

Colorful 10: The Berg’s Red Yellow X

The Berg Orchestra continues its extraordinary tradition of premiering and presenting new music, with its “Red – Yellow – X” concert next Mon, Apr 10. This time the location is the Dox center for contemporary art, in Holešovice. Fittingly, an hour before the 7:30 pm concert, ticket holders are invited to join a tour of “Industrial Holešovice” (in Czech) led by Prof Tomáš Šenberger of the Czech Technical University in Prague.

The evening’s music program offers a colorful theme rooted in nature, with a world premiere by young Czech composer František Chaloupka. The Book of the Earth follows his 2011 composition The Book of Sand. Mr Chaloupka studied composition at the Janáček Conservatory, Ostrava, before continuing his studies at the Janáček Academy, Brno, where he earned a master’s degree and is currently completing a Ph.d. He has already earned a commission from the famous Ensemble Modern based in Frankfurt, and he is the founder of the Dunabi Ensemble specializing in new music.

Red Run by German Heiner Goebbels will also be performed at the Berg Orchestra’s concert. Mr Goebbels is the recently-named winner of the International Ibsen Award 2012 recognizing outstanding work for the theatre.

Completing the colorful evening will be the composition Yellow Sound by the Russian composer Alfred Schnittke.

Guest artists are Lucie Silkenová, soprano, and Vox Nymburgensis, a mixed chamber choir performing works from early chants to Baroque music to modern 21st century compositions. — oo

– Mary Matz

Photo Credits: The Berg Orchestra

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