Friday, March 23, 2012: String Rotation

Opus OsmString Rotation

It was a little like watching the twelve Apostles rotating in the Astronomical Clock on Old Town Square:a door opened, a violinist and a pianist appeared in the doorway, they entered the stage, the door banged shut. They played, bowed, and exited through the door, coming back for an extra bow. Then the door opened again, another violinist and another pianist appeared in the doorway, they performed, bowed, and the door banged shut. (But this ritual was repeated only seven times.)

There were a couple of other differences, too: these live disciples of classical music performed movingly instead of moving in silence; they were young, far younger than the centuries-old Apostles in the clock; and they performed Mar 20 at the spacious, soaring Church of St Simon and St Jude, not inside the confines of a clock tower. It was the “Prima Concert” and most of the string players are members of the group of first violinists in the Prague Symphony Orchestra (FOK).

Their performance did have one thing in common with the one at the clock, though: the audience at the concert was large and enthusiastic, like the largest throng of tourists at noon on a peak holiday weekend. (And this audience applauded and cheered even more warmly.)

First to perform were František Kosina on violin and Marek Šedivý on piano (below), impeccably playing Dvořák’s Mazurka in E Minor, Opus 49 and Romance in F Minor, Opus 11. You can get a flavor of the evening’s performance by watching the video excerpt, below.

This was a cycle of the world’s greatest music, performed by a hugely talented group of musicians with enough diplomas, awards, master-classes, and honors to fill up a clock tower. The music soared, and the musicians didn’t let the weight of their heavy credentials hold them down. — oo

– Mary Matz

Photo Credits: Photo: Wikipedia; Video: Miroslav Setnička

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