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Opus Osm Hejny

Fashion meets ballet in photography by Pavel Hejný

Beauty In the Eye of the Photographer

Note: This is an excerpt from a longer, magazine-format article about photographer Pavel Hejný and the creation of his poster for the upcoming production of The National Theatre Ballet’s Sleeping Beauty (Šípková Růženka). You can read the entire article by clicking on the black “Magazine” tab at the top of the page.

You see his work all over Prague these days – on large posters in the metro, at tram stops, in front of the National Theatre, even supersized on the sides of trams. Yet you may not stop to think how these beautiful posters for Sleeping Beauty traveled from an original idea in a photographer’s mind all the way to their ultimate destination – whether throughout the city or as the cover on the ballet performance program you hold in your own two hands. So Opus Osm asked photographer Pavel Hejný to share his ideas and experiences, and to explain how that long journey evolves.

Opus Osm: Can you tell us something about your latest work for The National Theatre Ballet, the poster for Sleeping Beauty?

Pavel Hejný: The performance captures the fairy tale essences, and we put it on posters because we want to show people it’s a beautiful and really nice performance which they can see only in the National Theatre. No other theatre can do this, because it’s a huge performance for a lot of dancers and very expensive. That’s exactly the reason we have a national theatre — it’s an institution that can show us these performances.

Sleeping Beauty is what we call in Czech a “spectacular” — a historical work, huge, with special costumes and sets. They told me Sleeping Beauty is one of the biggest performances they have. [Note: The production premiering Mar 29-30 features all 55 dancers from the National Theatre Ballet plus eight extras, and 310 costumes.] … (Continued in the “Magazine” section)

Photo Credits: Pavel Hejný, photographed for Esprit LN magazine

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