Friday, February 24, 2012: Where is It?

ceiling contest Theatre of Estates

A different view, but does it look familiar? Where is it ...?

Where is It? Oh, Where …?

Often, when you go to a performance and you’re waiting for the curtain to rise, you look around at your surroundings. We can safely say that all Czech venues are gorgeous, some truly awesome.

But then the performance starts, and it’s equally inspiring. And you forget about the glorious surroundings, at least until intermission.

So what about the photo to the left? Where was it taken? Obviously, it’s one of those grand venues, one you’ve probably visited at least once, maybe dozens of times. But which one …?

To help you identify this ceiling, here are some rather more obscure hints:

* As it was being built, professors at a nearby university fretted that entertainment at the theatre would keep students away from their books.

* Niccolo Paganini, Clara Schumann, Richard Wagner, Carl Maria von Weber, and many more famous names appeared here often.

* The building, built from 1781-1783 and renovated in the early ’80s, was the backdrop for a famous film on its most famous person, a composer.

* It was originally called the Nostitz Theatre (its builder, Count Franz Anton Nostitz-Rieneck, thought that that was a good idea).

Yes, of course, the nearby university is Charles University; the film was Amadeus, about Mozart, and it’s the Theatre of the Estates (Stavovské Divadlo). — oo

Photo Credits: Miroslav Setnička

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