Friday, February 10, 2012: Time Out

Take Time Out to Catch Up on the News

We’re pausing from our usual format just for today to share some positive, Opus Osm news:

New! Archive! Look at the black bar at the top of every Opus Osm page – you’ll see the Archive tab. Click to find every article we’ve ever published, right from our very first issue of September 2010.

Improved! Calendar! We’ve always had an Events Calendar whose dates you could click for the performance of classical music, opera, or ballet. But we didn’t always realize our little mistake: Sometimes every date on the entire calendar is highlighted, making it look like just a “dead” calendar.

So we’ve changed the title to Clickable Events Calendar. On every date’s page you can click on the names of the performance and see details.

We’re also very happy that some of our Media Partners have started to realize the value of the Opus Osm Clickable Events Calendar, and now have even more detailed information about their performances there. We list every Prague performance of Czech classical music, opera, and ballet that we can find out about. So when you want to know specifically about these arts, and you want to know about all of them, just click on the Opus Osm Clickable Events Calendar. It’s on every page.

Expanded! More Ways to Find Us! Don’t forget to connect to our RSS Feed, to “like” our Facebook page, Opus Osm , and to find us in the newest way, in the “Life” section every day on The Prague Daily Monitor.

Developed! More Staff! New or soon-to-be contributors to Opus Osm include:
Marek Setnička, IT advisor at Rising Kite;
Katie Perkins, writer;
Baia Dzagnidze, writer.

As always, we say a grateful “thank you” to all our regular staff, assistant editor/writer Zuzana Sklenková, photographer Miroslav Setnička, and writers Joshua Mensch, Hana Škrdlová, Frank Trollman, Sam Goldscheider, Fred Rooks, and František Havran; and to all our Media Partners who help support us in so many ways. — oo

– Mary Matz, editor

Photo Credits: Bigfoto

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