Tuesday, January 24, 2012: Looking Up

Recognize it? It has a special, peaceful beauty all its own.

Things Are Looking Up!
Another in our series of ceiling contests …

Things are looking up in Prague. For about the second time this winter, we’ve had light, fluffy snowflakes showering down upon us from above. It’s just enough snow to be beautiful, but not enough to cause fender-benders, slush, or slippery slides.

Another way things are looking up in Prague is with our next ceiling contest. Looking up above, you can see this beautiful ceiling stretching over a popular concert site.

Can you identify it?

Here are some clues:

* Its foundation stone was laid in 1611.
* Thanks to an edict from Emperor Rudolph II, granting freedom of religion in the Czech lands, a group of German Lutherans built this church in three years in the early 17th century.
* The church and its accompanying monastery was discontinued by Joseph II, and after that the church building changed hands several times.
* At one point it was used as a mint.
* Czech Evangelical Brothers bought the church in 1863, and it still is used by the denomination today.
… and one final hint:
* Its Baroque steeple is 52-1/2 meters high.

Do you recognize it?

Yes, it’s the Church of St Salvator near Old Town Square. — oo

Photo Credits: Mary Matz

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