Tuesday, January 10,2012: 60 Seconds with …

Daniel Wiesner and Bledar Zajmi bring a special communication to their music.

60 Seconds with … Golden Silence

It was a magical final moment last Saturday afternoon.

Pianist Daniel Wiesner and cellist Bledar Zajmi played sublime notes – of silence — at the end of one of their selections. Watch this video, of Josef Suk’s Ballad for Cello and Piano Opus 3 (Balada pro Violoncello a Klavír):

It was as if Mr Zajmi was thanking his cello; and although you can’t see him here, Mr Wiesner similarly communicated a moment of peace, calm, behind the piano. Mr Wiesner’s hands remained poised above the piano keyboard; Mr Zajmi, as you see, played the air with his bow.

Then both musicians’ smiles indicated the music was complete.

This is the magic you can find in the classics. — oo

– Mary Matz

Photo Credits: Miroslav Setnička

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