Monday, November 14,2011:Moonshine in Prague

Viktor Konvalinka, Mathias Deneux in Moonshine

Where you have folk music you have folk tales. This has enabled me to create characters and tell stories which I hope the audience is able to follow and, maybe, to bring something of their own imagination to the whole experience.

This is part of the description by British choreographer Christopher Bruce of his Czech premiere, Moonshine.

The three-part contemporary dance performance set to music by The Waterboys, Bob Dylan, and the Rolling Stones opens this week at The New Stage. Premieres are Wed, Nov 16 and Thurs, Nov 17.

Additional performances are scheduled for Nov 19 and 22; and Dec 1, 6, and 7. Also: Jan 3 and 12; and April 25 and 26, 2012.

You can read all about Moonshine by clicking on “Re:Source,” the black tab at the top of this page. On some computers this category appears on the far right end; on other computers, it appears when you roll over or click under “Home.” — oo

Photo Credits: Diana Zehetner

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