Friday, October 21, 2011:Ceiling Contest!

Ceiling Contest!

Don’t let this lovely little pattern fool you. It’s only a tiny part of an incredibly ornate ceiling in Prague, which leads us to our next Ceiling Contest.

Can you identify its home? Here are some clues:

* It was built in 1868.

* It sits on land once occupied by a synagogue which burned down in 1389.

* Its name is of uncertain origin; perhaps the design is meant to remind people of the Alhambra.

* Its elaborately patterned interior features stylized Islamic motifs.

* It was designed by Vojtěch Ignátz Ullman.

* During World War II it was a repository for property confiscated from Jews.

* It was restored in the late 1990s.

* Today it serves as a museum and concert hall.

* It’s owned by the Jewish Museum of Prague.

And just in case you’re still not sure, here’s a look at a bigger swatch of ceiling:

It’s the Spanish Synagogue. – oo

Photo Credits: Miroslav Setnička

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