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All in the Family …

This space is for readers’ and performers’ personal news. Why? Not because we’re all egotists! but to show that classical performers are as human as regular readers, with birthdays, anniversaries, travel, and other pleasant news for the internet. So please share your news with our ‘family.’ Send your news to: (and we especially like photos!). Thanks!

Happy Birthday to …

Elena Petrová (1929-2002), composer, teacher, Nov 9.

Music Lesson at the Conservatory

Oboist Vilém Veverka explains a part of the oboe to Prague Conservatory students


Sure, you’d expect to find music lessons at the Prague Conservatory. But recently, students were treated to lessons by some special guests: The Berg Orchestra’s conductor Peter Vrábel, harpist Kateřina Englichová, and oboist Vilém Veverka.

Typical of Berg events, this was no stuffy, up-on-the-podium lecture that the orchestra’s Eva Kesslová organized; this was a real show, tell, and try session, as these photos by Eva prove.

It all happened just before The Berg Orchestra’s performance Nov 2 with these guests, and premieres of works by Jana Vorošova, Isang Yun, and Jiří Kabát.

Who would believe you could play the harp with a … screwdriver?? Kateřina Englichová shows students how.


Happy Birthday to …

Jan Tausinger (1921-1980), violinist, conductor, composer, November 1;
Miroslav Krejčí (1891-1964), composer, teacher, November 4;
Vojtěch Mojžíš, composer, November 4.

Happy Birthday to …

Zdeněk Pololáník, composer, October 25;
Oldřich Semerák, composer, teacher, October 25;
Karel Valdauf (1913-1982), musician, composer, October 25;
Jan Jakub Ryba (1765-1815), composer, teacher, October 26;
Jiří Matys, composer, pianist, teacher, October 27.


Opus Osm published its 200th article Monday, October 16 and is observing its first anniversary this month.

Happy Birthday to …

Jarmil Burghauser (1921-1997), composer, conductor, musicologist. He formulated the Burghauser system of opus numbers to track Antonín Dvořák’s works in a clearer way; October 21;
Pavel Šmok, choreographer, dancer, teacher, October 22;
Miroslav Hlaváč (1923-2008), composer, Oct. 23.

Happy Birthday to …

Lubomír Novosad, composer, October 9;
Vilem Petrzelka(1889-1967), composer, conductor, October 9;
Emil Hlobil (1901-1987), composer, teacher, October 11;
Alexej Fried (1922-2011), composer, teacher, conductor, October 13;
Jan Dismas Zelenka (1679-1745), composer, October 16.

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Photo Credits: Jakub Ludvik

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