Friday, September 9, 2011:Espressivo!

Espressivo? Energico? Delicioso?

Friday Contest: Espressivo!

Espressivo. Presto. Energico. No, they’re not flavors of Starbuck’s coffee. (Well, they may well be, but they started out as music terms.)

Grandioso. Grazioso. Capriccio. No, they’re not flavors of pizza, either. (Well, they started out as music terms, too.)

Your task for our weekly brain-teasing contest is to match the music term with its correct definition. All the terms are directions for the style and speed at which the musicians should play.

Understanding these terms can help you anticipate what a movement or an entire piece will sound and “feel” like. You can also compare the effect that speed has on one particular movement in comparison to the movement before or after it, or the composition as a whole.

Answers are at the bottom of the page.

Bon appetit! Or, in Czech, Dobrou chut’!

Term Definition

1 energico                                a speed up the tempo gradually

2 capriccio                              b play slowly, restfully

3 adagio                                  c play lively and fast

4 presto                                   d improvise, play lively

5 vivace                                   e a written symbol meaning play with a lot of energy

6 allegro                                 f expressively

7 accelerando                       g a written symbol meaning play loud

8 legato                                  h play grandly

9 espressivo                          i gracefully

10 grazioso                           j smoothly

11 forte                                   k very fast

12 grandioso                        l briskly, with a lot of spirit

The Answers:

1 e; 2 d; 3 b; 4 k; 5 l; 6 c; 7 a; 8 j; 9 f; 10 i; 11 g; 12 h

Photo Credits: Big Foto

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