Friday, August 26, 2011:Tell Me!

Tell Me a Story!

We all love a really good story. And that includes choreographers and composers who search for just the right tale to set to their work.

Below are clues to five really good, classic stories which have all been transformed into ballets. Can you identify the story and answer one question about each?

Even if you don’t know anything about ballets, take a look at the clues below. Then choose the most interesting stories and look for the ballet being presented this season near you.

Answers are at the bottom of the page.

Good luck!

Story 1: Prince Siegfried gets a weapon from his mom as a 21st birthday present, which sets the rest of the plot in motion. Never mind the Freudian implications, just answer this question:
a) What was the weapon?
b) What’s the name of this famous ballet by Tchaikovsky?

Story 2: Jemima Puddleduck, Mrs Tiggy-winkle, and Peter Rabbit perform in this ballet by Frederick Ashton, based on stories by:
a) Whom?
b) What’s the name of the ballet?

Story 3: A beautiful young girl is transformed into a sylph who tries to save her beloved Albrecht from certain death, in this ballet originally written by Theophile Gautier.
a) What object does she tell Albrecht to cling to, to save him?
b) What’s the name of the ballet?

Story 4: Aurora lives under a curse. She will prick her finger on her 18th birthday and sleep for 100 years (which may actually sound attractive to some of us). It’s another classic from Tchaikovsky.
a) Who cursed her?
b) What’s the name of this ‘other’ famous ballet by Mr T?

Story 5: This story of a mysterious voice calling from the catacombs of The Paris Opera was also a popular musical. But …
a) Do you know who wrote the original novel?
b) And the name of the ballet?

Identity answers below

1. a) a crossbow; b) Swan Lake. 2. a) Beatrix Potter; b) Tales of Beatrix Potter; 3. a) a cross; b) Giselle; 4. a) Carbosse; b) Sleeping Beauty; 5. a) Gaston Leroux; b) The Phantom of the Opera. – oo

Photo Credits: Top, Jan Seitl, Phantom of the Opera, (c) Státni Opera Praha, Irena Vodákova; bottom, Giselle, (c) Státni Opera Praha

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