Friday, August 19, 2011: Crossed Wires

If only the wiring in the brain could be so neatly organized ...

Crossed Wires

It’s almost the last Friday in August. So why not enjoy the last bit of summer holiday by relaxing with an anagram?

As you see below, somehow we’ve gotten our wires crossed (English term for mixing up information or arrangements) on 10 words.

Your task is to unscramble the letters of each CLUE to form the correct opera term. Although many of the mixed-up clues appear as two (or more) words, only the correct answer for No. 2 and No. 10 will finally be two words; all the rest will be one word.

All the words are basic, easy opera terms. But even if you’re not familiar with opera, try to unscramble the clues and look at the definitions.

We’ve even formulated the mixed-up part to help you remember the definition of the word (well, as much as possible, anyway!).

So sit back, relax, enjoy the waning summer, and uncross those wires!

(Answers are at the bottom.)


1 OPERA GIG - a chord whose notes are played individually

2 BLAT ONCE - Italian for “beautiful song”

3 BIND IRIS - a drinking/toasting song

4 OUR ALTO CUR - fancy, brilliant vocal touches in a song

5 TORTURE NONCE - a high tenor who sings in falsetto

6 TUDE - a song, or part, for two singers

7 ENTER ACT - music between acts or scenes

8 ROB TITLE - the text/story of the opera

9 SCRILY - the words of a song

10 SNAP ZERO ZOOM - the female voice between the high (soprano) and low (alto) ranges

fff fff fff fff fff

The Answers:

1 arpeggio
2 bel canto
3 brindisi
4 coloratura
5 countertenor
6 duet
7 entr’acte
8 libretto
9 lyrics
10 mezzo soprano

Photo Credits: Mary Matz

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