Monday, August 15, 2011: Your Say

Your opinions and suggestions are important to us

Have Your Say

In the coming weeks, our staff will be organizing Opus Osm as an official, registered Civic Organization (or, in American English, a non-profit organization).

So now’s the time for you to offer some of your opinions and ideas.


We’re currently discussing the feasibility of offering two types of membership to readers and the public.

A supporting membership provides a way you can make a financial contribution, at a level of your choice, to help Opus Osm expand and improve. If you’re familiar with the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) and many other associations, you’ll know this tradition: pay a small amount, get a small gift; choose a larger amount, receive a larger gift.

Membership in the Association is the second type of involvement for the public. It’s by invitation, and by law requires payment of dues and gives the member the right to attend meetings to vote on major issues and decisions affecting the Opus Osm Association.

So here’s your chance to tell us: What kinds of gifts would you like Opus Osm to offer? What amount do you think is fair for supporting memberships and membership in the association?

Send your comments in an email to Or add your comments to the discussion box, below.

Thank you!
Mary Matz, Editor

Photo Credits: Miroslav Setnička

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