Friday, August 12, 2011:Ceiling Contest!

Hauntingly beautiful ...

Ceiling Contest!

This is one of the strangest yet loveliest ceilings on the Prague concert venue scene.

Recognize it?

Here are some hints:

* It used to be a church, whose cornerstone was laid in 1654

* Its original architect, Francesco Caratti, was fired

* Work on the design continued with Gio Decapauli and Christoph Dientzenhofer

* The Michna z Vacínova family financed the construction (that’s their coat of arms)

* The church was formally consecrated in 1709, but then deconsecrated in 1783

* It was then used as a sugar refinery’s warehouse

* Then it was the Main Post Office for Prague

* In 1850 it was remodelled as barracks for a police regiment

* In 1855 the nave was replaced by a giant staircase

* After World War II the building was allocated to the State Central Archive

The Answer:

Today it presents its collection of musical instruments to museum visitors and houses exhibitions and concerts. It is, of course, The Czech Museum of Music, on Karmelitská street. – oo

Photo Credits: Miroslav Setnička

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