Friday, August 5, 2011: Word Search!

It’s Friday, and just for fun we’ve created a Word Search of Czech classical music, opera, and ballet for you.

Don’t worry, this one is easy!

All the answers from the clues below have appeared in articles in Opus Osm,so if you’ve been paying attention, you shouldn’t have any trouble figuring out the answers.

(But just in case, you can ‘cheat’ by looking farther down the page for the words.)

A completed grid follows at the bottom of the page.

Have fun! Good luck! Happy Friday!


1 Perhaps the most famous Czech composer of all time

2 Operatic solo

3 Mozart’s Prague premiere

4 Smetana’s perhaps most famous work — perhaps

5 Czech soprano soloist, 19th-20th century

6 Prague’s oldest annual classical music festival

7 FOK founder

8 Berg/Dekka-duo Nová Scéna performance

9 National Theatre Ballet glass slipper lass

10 “Conciliatory Graces” composer

11 Karlinského Komorního Studia, for short

12 Father-son piano duo

13 Old, old music group performing in Dobřichovice

14 Legendary light artist

15 Violinist, music teacher, business lecturer

The Words to Look For

1 Antonin Dvorak
2 aria
3 Don Giovanni
4 Bartered Bride
5 Emmy Destinn
6 Prague Spring
7 Pekarek
8 Timing
9 Cinderella
10 Jiri Sycha
11 KaKoSt
12 Klansky
13 Ludus Musicus
14 Josef Svoboda
15 Bibi Pelic

The Answers

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