Monday, August 1, 2011: Dress Rehearsal!

Veronika Iblová (left) gets advice on applying makeup to a little dancer

Backstage at Dress Rehearsal

What else?” Veronika Iblová sighs, hands on hips, looking around at the tangle of girls in leotards, jeans, leopard costumes, or dressed as butterflies. The director of the VIP International School of Ballet is doing makeup for the dance school’s final production in its first year of operation.

Mrs Iblová grabs a tube of lipstick and dabs it on the lower lip of a teenage girl costumed as a caterpillar. “I’m very much excited,” admits Kora Hampel, 17, a student at the German School. “This is my first time dancing with a group, but not in a group all practicing together,” she says.

“Up! Up!” Mrs Iblová commands, and 16-year-old Minako Hidaka of Japan looks up to the ceiling without raising her chin. The school director draws a line of color under Minako’s eyes. She’s a leopard, who started dance lessons at age 5.

Read the rest of the story about the excitement backstage at this dress rehearsal. Click on “Magazine” at the top of the page.

Photo Credits: Miroslav Setnička

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