Friday, July 1, 2011: Exam Time!

It’s not only Friday, it’s the first of July, the end of the school year, and the start of summer vacation in the Czech Republic.

Opus Osm will be taking a summer vacation, too, but before we go, we leave you with this Friday contest: Your final exam!

How many of these questions can you answer? All the questions are taken from Opus Osm articles of the past year, our first year of existence. If you’ve been reading regularly, you probably can get all 10 questions correct.

But if you’re absolutely mystified by these questions, Opus Osm will continue to be “live” online, so even though we’re on vacation, you can still catch up on the back articles you’ve missed. Perfect, leisurely summer reading!

And now, the questions. Give yourself 1 point and a pat on the back for each correct answer.

1 Which instrument did our intrepid writer, Fred Rooks, learn to play from Barbora Vachalová?

2 What does Music as an Endearment for Future Mothers do?

3 What does FOK stand for?

4 Who founded it?

5 Who said, “It’s something when I’ve struck a chord which is heard everywhere, that all at once that chord binds all of us, that all at once we feel like one nation”?

6 Which Czech composer was buddies with Mozart?

7 Which Czech designer changed the direction of theatre set design, especially with his use of light and illusion?

8 Which Prague / Czech institution opened a new concert hall this year, the first new stage in Prague in 100 years?

9 In which production did golden feet play a prominent role?

10 Which performance featured, among many other things, 100 metronomes and which orchestra?

1 The harp
2 Provides concerts of relaxing music for pregnant women
3 Film, Opera, Koncert (today’s Prague Symphony Orchestra)
4 Rudolf Pekárek
5 Leoš Janáček
6 Josef Mysliviček
7 Josef Svoboda
8 The Prague Conservatory
9 Cinderella
10 Timing, The Berg Orchestra — oo

Photo Credits: BigFoto

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