Friday, June 10, 2011: Mystery Woman!

Who is she? If you live in or visit the Czech Republic, you probably have seen her face somewhere ...

Mystery Woman!

It’s Friday, and time for another brain-teaser.

Last week we challenged you to identify internationally-known choreographer Jiří Kylián. This week we present you with another mystery challenge, this time a woman.

Our Mystery Woman is well known in the Czech Republic, but not a household name beyond its borders. So if the ten clues below truly mystify you, keep reading.

It’s a fun way to learn a little bit of intriguing Czech history, and to find out about a famous Czech personality of classical music, opera, or ballet, as well.

When you guess her identity correctly, reward yourself with the tip-off clue’s corresponding number of points.

The identity of this week’s Mystery Woman is at the bottom of the page.

No peeking!

10 She studied the violin as a child.

9 After a short engagement at the Dresden Opera, it was decided her services were no longer required.

8 She eventually became a poet, novelist, and playwright, as well as a singer.

7 Her acting ability and voice won over the Berlin audience in 1898.

6 She sang in 54 operas, including 12 premieres.

5 She sang in several operas at London’s Covent Garden Royal Opera House.

4 She returned to the future Czechoslovakia after the start of World War I. Her passport was revoked due to her links with the Czech resistance.

3 By 1919, when she revived her career and appeared at the Metropolitan Opera in New York, her audience had forgotten her.

2 She returned to Czechoslovakia and retired in 1926, dying in České Budějovice.

1 Her image appears on the 2,000 kč bill.

The Answer:

Meet our Mystery Woman, Emmy Destinn

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