Friday, June 3, 2011: Mystery Man!

Who could it be? Surely ... not Freddy ...

Mystery Man!

It’s Friday! It’s June! Hopefully, you’re enjoying beautiful summer weather, where ever you are — weather that makes you feel like dancing, or at least leaping for joy.

Coincidentally, our Mystery Man has a very strong connection to dance. Can you identify the man behind the mask, from the ten clues below?

If you’re familiar with ballet and contemporary dance, this will be easy. If you’re just beginning to learn about dance, you might be able to guess the correct answer from several of the clues. And if you’re a complete beginner in learning about ballet and contemporary dance, especially Czech names, this little quiz can be a fun introduction.

So, see if you can identify our Mystery Man for June 3.

Ready? Here are the clues, and the corresponding points to award yourself. The answer is at the bottom of the page.

10 He was born in 1947.

9 He started dance lessons at age 9.

8 In 1967 he went to study dance at the Royal Ballet School in London, on a British Council scholarship.

7 He began in traditional dance, but starting in the 1980s his style became more abstract and surreal.

6 His international breakthrough came with his Sinfonietta, to music by Leoš Janáček.

5 Since then he’s created more than 90 choreographies and works.

4 He’s been working or associated with the Nederland Dans Theater for more than 30 years.

3 His work at the Nederland Dans Theater ties together experimental dance for young dancers ages 17-22, and other forms for mature dancers over 40.

2 He’s the co-creator of CAR – MEN, a film choreographed at a Czech coal mine.

1 Some of his other titles include Stamping Ground, Falling Angels, Black and White Program, Petite Mort, and Kagayahime.

Who is our Mystery Man?

It's Jiří Kylian

Photo Credits: Nederland Dans Theater website

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