Wed., May 18, 2011: High Tech?

Giselle in 3D will be offered to Prague theatre audiences next season

What Do You Think?

Yesterday you could read on Opus Osm about the availability of ballet performances in 3D.

A high-definition, 3D performance of Giselle will be broadcast to the Prague audience in a special showing. The audience will wear the special red-and-green glasses necessary to see the performance in 3D.

So what do you think? Is it a good idea?

Have you seen other 3D performances? (Probably not ballet … perhaps zombies come to mind … .)

Would it be a good idea to try offering opera in 3D, too? Would that attract a larger audience, or turn more people away? Should the classic arts be able to stand on their own, or should they keep up or ahead of the trends by including the latest technology? (Opera sub-titles come to mind.)

In general, what do you think about adapting new technologies to the old arts of classical music, opera, and ballet — which ones work best?

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Your opinions are always welcome! — oo

Photo Credits: Aero cinema

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