Tuesday, May 17, 2011: 3D Ballet?

David Císek, Atlas employee, models what the well-dressed Giselle viewer will wear next season

3D Ballet?

The latest hot-fashion colors to wear to the ballet? Red-and-green.

At least in eyewear.

That’s because audiences next fall will be handed the funny colored glasses upon entering the Aero Cinema company’s showing of the ballet Giselle.

It’s the first 3D ballet performance airing in the Czech Republic, according to Lucie Rozmanková, spokesperson.

The ballet, featuring the Marin Ballet Company from St Petersburg, Russia, is included in the new season of regular, live, HD performances which Prague audiences “attend” in the Světozor movie theatre in central Prague.

No date has been released for the 3D version, and season tickets have not yet been released for sale, according to theatre personnel.

At a recent press conference, Opus Osm saw a short ‘movie preview’ trailer of Giselle. Yes, we slipped on the funny glasses and checked it out.

Giselle in 3D, with floating dancers

It works, as you may be able to tell from this sort-of 3D photo, depending on your computer’s resolution and your eyesight.

While watching the short movie trailer, we tried the 3D glasses over our Coke-bottle-bottom regular eyeglasses.

They work fine.

Then we tried just the 3D glasses alone. (Also fine.)

And without any glasses at all?

Predictably, 3D double vision.

We recommend the 3D glasses, with or without your own underneath. – oo

– Mary Matz

Photo Credits: Top, Mary Matz; Giselle, Aero website

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