Friday, May 13, 2011:Quiz – Do You…?

Navigating Prague will be easier if you try this quiz!

Do You …? Speak Czech?

Tourism season has hit the Czech Republic!

Yesterday we waded through no less than six herds of wandering tourists just in the space of two city blocks.

But we’re glad to have visitors, whether for concerts, dance performances, or just enjoying all that the Czech Republic and Prague have to offer.

To make your visit a little easier, test your imagination and guessing ability on the Czech words and phrases below.

They’re important — they’re some of the ones you’ll run into here, whether you’re buying tickets for the concert hall or just playing tourist. (Even if the order is a little mixed up here!)

Simply match the photos below with the English phrases in the box here.

A. Monday-Friday, 8:30 am-2:30 pm.
B. Exit to Moat Street, Theatre of the Estates, Municipal House; Direction towards St Wenceslas Square
C. Please check your tickets before leaving the cash register. No refunds are given.
D. New, Family Tickets. Children are Free
E. Entrance around the corner
F. Nearest ATM, 29 Knight Street
G. No ticket refunds or exchanges
H. The universal sign of relief

If you have trouble, don’t worry. Czech is a very difficult language to learn, so most people in the cities — and more and more, even the countryside — speak some English.

Those who don’t are usually quite patient and happy to help you find your way with the universal language.

No, not Esperanto — point-and-mime!

Answers are at the bottom.

No. 1

No. 2

No. 4

No. 3

No. 5

No. 7

No. 6

No. 8

The Answers:
1A Po-Pá (Ponděli, Monday-Pátek, Friday), hours of operation
2D At the ticket office
3F At the ATM
4C At the ticket counter
5B Street exits, metro (underground, subway)
6E On storefronts, shop windows, etc.
7G At the ticket counter
8H In the metro (underground, subway)

Photo Credits: Mary Matz

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