Friday, April 29, 2011: Antonín’s Answers

Location No. 1 -- easy enough to find

Antonín’s Answers to Contest Number Nine: Where’s Antonín??

It’s Friday, and time to reveal the correct answers to our Contest of April 15.

This one was a variation on “Where’s Waldo?” and you were asked to identify the location of the following five busts of Antonín Dvořák.

Are you ready? Compare your guesses to the answers below:


The photo above is probably the most obvious, and therefore the easiest one to guess: The Antonín Dvořák Museum in Prague (featured in our Go To: Czech Travel section Dec 30, 2010).

No. 2 -- He catches the river breezes

This one (left) was also probably pretty easy, because it’s perhaps the most visible.

It’s the statue in front of The Rudolfinum concert hall, next to the Vltava River in central Prague.

It’s the only full-body statue in our contest.

No 3 -- He keeps an eye on traffic

OK, we admit, this one (left) was trickier (it was a contest, after all!).

This little Dvořák is perched above the main entrance to the building where he lived in the early 1900s, on Žitna street in Prague.

The building is currently undergoing some repairs, but Antonín hasn’t flinched.

Let’s hope he’s still there — and more rightfully noticeable — when the repairs are all finished.


No 4 -- This one could be tricky....

We included some of the surrounding corner wall in the next photo (right) as a hint. Even though for most Czech music students and many teachers it should be pretty easy.

It’s in the corridor of the administrative section at The Prague Conservatory.

How many students, we wonder, pass by it every day but don’t realize it? (And how many teachers??)


No 5 -- This one is upstairs, with the organs he played

This one was the trickiest of all.

It’s located upstairs, near some of the small organs he played, in the Antonín Dvořák Museum in Spillville, Iowa.

The second floor here was also where the Dvořák family stayed during their Iowa visit in the summer of 1893.

Unfortunately, no one identified all five locations correctly. So that means our prizes go back into the vault for a future contest.

Anyway, we hope you enjoyed teasing your brain and your powers of observation. Be ready, because you never know when we’ll have our next contest when the prizes will come out of the vault again, looking for a winner!  — oo

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