Thursday, April 21, 2011: Curtain Calls!

Front row, from left: Jiří Kodym (father), Jade Clayton (Cinderella), Viktor Konvalinka (the Prince)

Cinderella at the National Theatre: The Show!

What was the opening of the ballet Cinderella like? How did the audience react? Who were the stars? Was this production controversial?

Opus Osm has been covering the National Theatre’s preparations for its premiere of Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo’s production of Cinderella.

You have already read about how a ballet dancer prepares (interview with Zuzana Šimáková), how the dancers rehearsed with an assistant choreographer (interview with Giovanna Lorenzoni), and even what the orchestra and its conductor must think about (interview with David Švec).

So after all the preparation, rehearsal, and work, what happened?

Zuzana Sklenková (left) and Mary Matz compare notes on Cinderella

Opus Osm does not offer reviews (we want you to go to performances to see what you think, yourself). So rather than write a review, we decided to share our impressions.

Zuzana Sklenková comments on the second rehearsal, which she went to on April 12, and Mary Matz discusses the second premiere, which she attended April 15. You can see it in the presentation, below.

Note: Due to technical difficulties, the presentation may load slowly, stop, or even disappear from this page. We’re working to find the bugs. Thanks for your understanding.

You can still see Cinderella at the National Theatre. Remaining performances: April 24, May 21, May 25, June 25. — oo

Photo Credits: All photos by National Theatre Ballet, Pavel Hejný, except the two on this page and numbers 13, 16, 17, 18, 19 in the presentation clip, by Miroslav Setnička

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