Friday, April 15, 2011: Win a Prize!

Location No. 1 -- easy enough to find

Contest Number Nine: Where’s Antonín??

Get the answers right and win!

It’s Friday, and time for our weekly contest. This one is a variation on “Where’s Waldo?” and we call it “Where’s Antonín?” … Antonín Dvořák, of course!

As we make our way through the world we can’t help but notice there are an awful lot of statues, busts, and mini-sculptures around, honoring Antonín Dvořák. Sometimes it’s easy to take them for granted.

So test your powers of observation: Name the location of each of the following five Antonín Dvořák memorials. Be as specific as possible. The first person to email us the correct answers at will receive a small prize. If no one gets all the locations correct, our prize goes back into the vault, under lock and key, until we bring it out again for a future contest.

Deadline for entry: Friday, April 22; winner, if any, will be announced on Friday, April 29.

Ready? Here they are. Don’t forget to include the photo at the top of the page!

No. 2 -- He catches the river breezes

No 3 -- He keeps an eye on traffic

No 4 -- This one could be tricky. We've included some background to help you

No 5 -- This one is upstairs, with the organs he played

Photo Credits: Photo 2, Miroslav Setnička; all others, Mary Matz

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