Wednesday, April 13, 2011: Churches?

Concerts in churches -- yes? no?

Visitors and other pedestrians in Prague can’t help but notice posters for classical music concerts held in local churches. Usually, these concerts are by small chamber groups or individual soloists/duos, and usually (but not always) of secular music.

So what’s your opinion of them?

Do you hurry right by the posters, never paying attention to them? Have you attended one or more concerts? Would you recommend them?

Click on the appropriate answer in the poll, below, or add your own comment. We’re curious what the general public has to say about them.

Results from our previous poll on Historical Re-enactment Performances

In our earlier poll we asked if you’d attended any historical re-enactment performances. You know, those are the ones where the performers appear in authentic costumes, playing authentic instruments.

Judging from the poll results, either this type of concert is new and uncommon in the Czech Republic (or elsewhere), or it has a way to go before becoming mainstream. The responses were low and, we must say, lackadaisical (English informal term for not enthusiastic).

It would be interesting to know if the demand for this type of performance could be increased somehow … or if audience appreciation really will not improve much beyond the low level that the poll indicates. What do you think?

And now, here’s this week’s question. Vote:

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  1. Karel Sehyl
    Posted April 13, 2011 at 9:21 pm

    Earlier Church promoted musicians and composers. Today Church hasn’t money and State art litle funding. Music is manifestation spirit and in economic rivalry on manifestation spirit isn’t place.
    To the churchs belongs to church music.
    Of course is that income for musicians too.
    Music belongs to to the life, temples and to the cultural self – realization citizens and turists. The music does atmosphere in magic Prague.

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