Tuesday, April 5, 2011: Becoming Cinderella

Zuzana Šimáková, Michal Štípa in Cinderella

Opus Osm goes behind the curtain to find out how a ballerina prepares for her starring role

Almost every girl secretly wishes to be Cinderella, with her own Prince.

But Zuzana Šimáková will actually become Cinderella on April 14-15 when she premieres the role with the National Theatre Ballet.

So what does a dancer have to do to transform herself into such a mythical creature?

It starts with training and rehearsal. A whole lot of it.

You can go behind the curtain and find out what a soloist at the National Theatre Ballet does to prepare for her role: Does she check her messages when she’s not on stage? Does she eat like a marathon runner before the race? And what does it feel like to be the center of attention, dancing under the spotlights on a national stage? You can find out by clicking on Other Side of the Curtain, above.

Photo Credits: Hana Smejkalová

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