Friday, April 1, 2011: Mystery Contest!

Who could it be???

Mystery Man!

Here’s our weekly contest, this time a quiz.

Read the clues and see if you can identify our Mystery Man. But be careful! Our Contest-meister was having a bad day and may have made a few mistakes in the facts included in the 10 clues below. (Extra points if you can identify and correct them.)

As always, the answers are below — but no peeking!

Following the questions, you’ll find the number of points to reward yourself with, along with a picture of our Mystery Man.

Have fun! Good luck! oo

1. He was born in 1939 in Prague. (True?)
2. He had a famous grandfather. (True?)
3. He played his first concert at age 11. (True?)
4. He studied at The Prague Conservatory, the Academy of Arts, and Julliard. (True?)
5. He plays the violin, viola, cello, and conducts. (One of these is not true — which one?)
6. He has had a long, distinguished career as a performer, with a special talent for chamber works. (True?)
7. Among other rare, classical instruments, he plays a Stradivari. (True?)
8. He has named it Lucille. (True?)
9. He has recorded on Toccata Classics, which specializes in overlooked masterpieces, is a labor of love, and for which he is a patron. (True?)
10. His name is ______________?

???    ????    ??????   ??  ???? ?  ????????? ?????    ???           ???????

????  ???  ??????? ?????????? ??? ?????????  ????????????????? ????

Mystery Man Josef Suk, Jr

1. He was born in Prague, but in 1929.
2. True.
3. True.
4. All true except Julliard.
5. All true except the cello. (Well, he may play it, but not officially.)
6. True.
7. True.
8. False. Lucille is the name of BB King’s guitars. (We don’t know if our Mystery Man names his instruments.)
9. True.
10. Josef Suk, Jr.

100 points each for questions 1, 2, 3, and 4 if you could correct the mistakes and identify our Mystery Man within the first 4 clues. Otherwise, 10 points for each right answer.

50 points each for questions 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 if you could correct the mistakes and identify him by the time you’d answered any of these questions. Otherwise, 10 points for questions 5, 6, and 7; 2 points for 8; 10 points for 9.

25 points for the correct answer for question 10.

Photo Credits: Website, Toccata Classics

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