Wednesday, March 9, 2011: Question #5

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Question #5: Historical Re-Enactments

Have you ever attended a street-theatre type performance of historical music? Maybe you’ve seen Medieval or Renaissance singers and entertainers at a festival or a castle.

Or maybe you’ve seen something more “modern” — Madrigal dinners, or full-costume performances of 18th-century chamber music.

What’s your experience? Ever tried it? (Or maybe you’ve even performed in a street fair or other event.) Tell us about it!

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And don’t forget to vote in our earlier polls, too. There are only a few more days to share your opinion on what classical arts should do to attract larger audiences. Express yourself! oo

Results of Poll #1: Do you like reading information in programs at a performance?

Poll posted February 9

Yes, I like reading information in programs at a performance: 80%
Oh. I never thought about it before. Hmm …: 20%

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